Strategy, Areas of intervention & communities


Its strategy is to get a deep understanding the development sector, empower the (deprived) community through collectivization, mutual learning and promote their engagement with government and other stakeholders through dialogue.

For Educational Right of Children, operational strategy is to engage with Elementary Education System of Uttar Pradesh in multi pronged and multi level manner to generate ideas and practices that could be adopted by the system for wider replication. Effort has been to impact education system at micro and macro level through multi stakeholder engagement.

Areas of intervention & communities

Lokmitra is mainly working with poor communities, with children of government schools, their parents who belong mainly to SC, Muslim, OBC category, and women. It works with out of school children who belong to poor SC, OBC, Muslim families, many belonging to migrant families, Muslim, migrants from Assam to Lucknow. Lokmitra has been working with Brick Firemen families who migrate to all over north India to Kilns for brick firing. These workers mainly belong to SC, OBC and are migrating in distress due to poor land holding.

Key thematic areas of intervention so far have been 1) Elementary Education, 2) Maternal & Child Health, 3) Labor Rights, 4)Local Self Governance, 5) Women Empowerment