Growth Path


Phase Programmatic Focus Geographical Area Staff/Budget
Beginning by exploring(1997 to 1999)
  • Support to School Education (SRTT)
  • Women Empowerment through SHG,
  • Panchayati Raj (SSK).
10 GPs of Deeh Block of Raebareli Staff 20Rs. Two Lakh
Evolving strategic focus and being creative(2000 to 2003)
  • Support to School Education and  initiation of Cluster Parent Association (SRTT). Evaluation by Mr Yogendra (BODH).
  • Promoting LSG and Women Leadership in Panchayat (CWDS & PACS)
  • Women Empowerment through SHG
  • Study of Brick Workers Living and Working Condition, Solidarity. (SDC & TERI)
  • Working with govt dept on MCH, ECCD, Polio eradication. (UNICEF & CARE)
140 GPs of 9 Blocks of 4 Districts (Raebareli, Pratapgargh, Sitapur & Jaunpur) Staff 65RupeesTwenty Three Lakh aprox
Pursuing the the long term strategic focus by building organisational capacity(2004 to 2008)
  • Scaling up of Education Program (SRTT & Oxfam NOVIB), Consolidation of SMC-PA, Promotion of state level advocacy effort under Basic Shiksha Manch, RTE Bill etc, Study and Campaign on Discrimination, Package on SRH/R, support to SC & Muslim girls. Evaluation by Prof Usha Nayar (TINNARI) in 2005 and by Sharada Jain (SANDHAN) in 2008.
  • Scaling up work with Brick Workers & Kiln Owners. (Sangathan and VSBK)
Extension of Education Program to 5 new Blocks of Raebareli. Indirect relation with about 200 NGOs of 50 Districts About 90 Staff,Rupees Seventy Lakh aprox.
Deepening the Impact – Moving towards prime stage. From 2009 onward
  • OD Process undertaken (continuing)
  • Greater acceptance of education program strategy.
  • Giving exposure to large number of NGOs to education program.
  • Strengthening of policy level advocacy.
  • Field team taking major responsibility of program implementation.
About 90 Staff,Rupees 1.2 Crore aprox.