Registered UnderRegistration Detail
Renewal if applicable
Society Registration Reg. No. 2457, 9 January 1998, 09-01-1998
Society Registration Act 1860, UP at Lucknow
Renewed on 28-05-2018 with renewal number of 537
Valid till 08-01-2023
FCRA FCRA RegistrationFCRA No. - 136670019 , 25-07-2001Renewed by letter of Dated: 26-05-2016 for Five Years from 01/11/2016 Expiry 31-10-2021
ITD PAN (Permanent Account Number) AAAAL0650J
Income Tax Registration No. under Section 12A58-59/85/98-99/T/LKO
DATED 11/01/1999 CIT Lucknow
Renewal on 21 April 2021
Approval under section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961Approval No:
Date: 19/03/2021
valid from assessment year 2021-22
Renewal on 14 April 2021
TAN NumberLKNLO5186J
MCA - Registrar of Companies
Form CSR 1
Registration number is CSR00000814
DARPAN (NITI Aayog) ID :UP/2018/0204635, Nov 14, 2018
GuideStar Number (GSN):6084