Adolescent Education Project – Outcome & Impact

  • Adolescent Education Project initiated in April 2012 with the support of SDTT. By Dec 2013 Lokmitra has been able to identify 1083 adolescents (Out of 4,085 Adolescent surveyed in 15 Gram Panchayats of Dih and Chhatoh Block of Raebareli District).
  • Lokmitra has been able to mobilise most of them through Non Residential Education Support (about 1,050 adolescents enrolled (562 Girls, 195 Muslims).
  • About 280 Adolescents (140 Girls, 40 Muslims) got Residential Education Support for 2 to 4 months. These adolescents have enhanced their reading and numeracy ability and have better awareness of social & health issue.
  • About 314 adolescents got re-enrolled in schools (Junior & Middle Schools).
  • About 60 boys and girls in 6 Gram Panchayats are part of Adolescent Education Forum and growing as development leaders. They have got three days of leadership training. They are taking initiative for health, hygiene & gender equity, education etc. 

Previous work with Out of School Children

  • In last one decade, about 3,000 OoSC were mobilised and about half of them joined schools for regular education.
  • Engaged Year 2013 saw some good outcome of earlier effort with School Dropout. Ms Neeta Maurya, one of such girl, who got support from Lokmitra in year 2000, joined Lokmitra in 2012 as Teacher. She is in 3rd year of her Graduation.
  • During year 2008-2009 about 400 OoS children engaged in rag picking in Lucknow City were enrolled in schools after providing basic literacy.
  • After enactment of RTE Act, School Children are being encouraged to identify OoSCs and SMCs are ensuring that children get enrolled.