Outcome & Impact of effort for Systemic Change in Education System

  • Effort of LOKMITRA, Basic Shiksha Manch and Parent Association has contributed to development with RTE Act. Subsequent advocacy for influencing the Model Rule gave a direct result in terms of being provisioned that a Parent would be chairperson of SMC. In State RTE Rule of UP it has been included that SMC will be formed in open meeting, as demanded by BSM.
  • Subsequent to consistent effort (latest one in May) Govt Order for SMC formation was made in June. It had such provisions, as demanded by BSM, like formation of SMC in open meeting of parents, sufficient parents in SMCs (11 parents in 15 person body), selection of parents from each class, Chairperson/Vice Chairperson from parents etc.
  • In 2013, Govt adopted many suggestions made for proper reconstitution of SMC, like provision of Quorum, admission of children at the close of session, involvement of NGOs, display of name of selected members, etc.
  • Lokmitra has been suggesting for enrolment and survey of out of school children before the start of school session in July. Same has been initiated by the Government in March 2013.
  • Lokmitra has been advocating for provision of peer learning of teachers at Cluster & School level. New Framework of SSA has the provision of cluster level peer learning.


State Level Program of Basic Shiksha Manch in November 2010
State Level Program of Basic Shiksha Manch in November 2010

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